"HMA, an event for hospital managmement in Asia to learn and participate in updating global advances and networking, towards improved patient care with better clinical and hospital governance" - Dr Widyastuti Wibisono, MSC - Chairman of International Relation Institute, Indonesia Hospital Association, PERSI (Indonesia)

The 16th Hospital Management Asia (HMA) was an annual regional event for hospital owners, C-level executives, directors, clinicians and healthcare leaders to get insights on worldwide healthcare management thinking, best practices and solutions while creating a real and virtual forum for networking in Asia. Leading health executives from around the region met to exchange and learn ideas on evolving business models, innovative technologies and improvements on management & healthcare systems.

Our objective was to help hospitals on:

  • How to enhance hospital management and administration 
  • How to use information technology in hospitals to achieve greater level of efficiency
  • How to increase and manage patient safety 
  • How to improve customer service 
  • How to increase standards of clinical practices
  • How to increase marketing,PR and online presence of hospitals