3 Keys to Unlock Your HEALTHCARE Team’s Potential

Locked minds, poor habits and negative attitudes kill HOSPITAL AND HEALTHCARE productivity potential & agility. 74% - 80% of HEALTHCARE workers DISLIKE what they do while most ‘skive’ 90 minutes a day in ‘personal’ activities. (6 work weeks lost per year per employee) Worse, your bottom 1/3 employees may not even be covering their costs while your top 1/3 are frustrated carrying the load for the poor performers. Unlock these problems forever! 

Join in & experience Michael Podolinsky share:

  • Systems to control interruptions, reducing completion times 50%
  • The 90 Minute Marvel & 25 Minute Multiplier for 30% boost in productivity
  • Stop treating employees equally! Benefit with 5% to 30% increased productivity

Speaker Profile:

Michael Podolinsky CSP, CSPGlobal is Asia’s Productivity Guru. Author of 15 books on Productivity including his McGraw Hill Productivity Series, he’s helped over 700 companies in 35 countries unlock their teams productivity and tap into their potential. Himself a business owner for 35 years, he's shared with MNCs, government, military, medical/pharma, banking/insurance and hospitality sectors for decades. As a lecturer with SIM for 28 years he’s been instrumental in changes in training, education and growth within Singapore and in 18 AsiaPac countries. 

Two of his books, 'Managing, Motivating, Maximizing Teams in Asia’ and 'Productivity: Winning In Life!’ empower people with information that works here in Asia… guaranteed. NOT a ‘theorist’, he always provides practical tools and techniques HR professionals, managers and individuals can apply immediately both at work and at home. Endorsed by 7, 8 and 9 figure business people, his books, workshops and coaching transforms the people he works with and entertains them as well. 90% of his work is with repeat clients.

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