Why Philippines?

Why Attend HMA 2017. Manila is very peaceful and with very beautiful tourist spots. Miss Universe 2017 will be held in January and people are very happy and hospitable and can talk and understand English language. Manila has beautiful souvenir items with reasonable prizes. So see you all in Manila 2017. Thank you” – Dr. Rustico Jimenez, President, Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines, Inc.

Population:  100.98 million  
Provinces:   81
GDP :        7% (Q2 for 2016)

As per the Department of Health (DOH) Philippines, with inequity as a pervasive problem in the country, it is more pronounced in the health sector. DOH is pursuing the goal of Kalusugan Pangkalahatan (KP) universal health care to overcome inequities in health system and deliver better health outcomes. KP represents our governments’ efforts to address the health needs of the Filipinos, and particularly favours the most vulnerable segments of the population. 

KP is built on three strategic thrusts:

  1. Financial risk protection through expansion of the National Health Insurance Program enrolment and benefit delivery.
  2. Improved hospitals, health facilities, and services
  3. Scaling up public health interventions to attain the health-related Millennium Development Goals, and to control the rise above the financial barriers to health care access.

Major healthcare issues Philippines are facing:

  1. Inequity in health system for the population
  2. Health human resources are unevenly distributed
  3. Utilization of health facilities
  4. Quality in service provided at healthcare facilities

Hospitals in Philippines are looking for the following solutions:

  1. Digitization and improvements in ICT (information and communication technology)
  2. Investments in the eHealth Strategic Framework and Plan
  3. Developing telemedicine
  4. Business expansion
  5. Management consultancy
  6. Advising for hospital building and construction

Hospital Network as of 2013: 

Hospitals: 1454 (542 Public, 912 Private)
Public Hospitals: 542
Beds: 46,054
Private hospitals: 912
Beds: 50,742


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