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Dr. Eric Schulze is a physician, inventor, entrepreneur, biologist and visionary. He studied Molecular Biology at UC Berkeley. While attending an offsite competitive undergraduate research program he was noticed by Dr. James Watson (Nobel Laureate for the discovery of DNA) who invited him take a sabbatical from his studies at UC Berkeley in order to finish a subsequently published research project in Cell Biology. After graduating with Honors in Molecular Biology from UC Berkeley in 4 years, and with letters of recommendation from James Watson and other notable Biologists he was accepted to the UC San Francisco medical school on a full scholarship to pursue a combined MD PhD.  He graduated with both an MD and PhD in 1990 after having published 6 articles in peer reviewed journals including a publication in the premier science journal Nature.

While at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) as a Resident in Radiology Dr. Schulze utilized his knowledge of Cell Biology to study novel MRI contrast agents at the cellular level. He conducted the research at the Harvard medical School and MGH Charlestown research facility.

It was while at MGH that he became involved in one of the first pilot commercial PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System) ventures sponsored by the MGH (RStar) where Dr. Schulze used his expertise in image processing to develop advanced methods of digital subtraction radiography.

While working as a Radiologist in Louisiana, Dr Schulze further developed his vision of the future of Radiology and Medicine and soon joined forces with Avreo Inc. a Start up Radiology Software company which became the first such company to build an integrated Radiology platform combining a RIS (Radiology Information System) and an advanced PACS for which Dr Schulze received a US patent.

While at Avreo Dr Schulze was invited to become the Chief Radiologist for a 400 bed tertiary care hospital in Texas using the opportunity to pilot using Teleradiology to serve his own hospital and then rapidly expanding to serve other nearby hospitals. Thus was born “247 Radiology” which Dr. Schulze grew from a single client to over 85 client hospitals in 17 states from New York to Washington State reaching a $10 Million valuation by its 5th year in business in 2008.

During his time as CEO of 247 Radiology Dr. Schulze continued to advance operational excellence and IT innovation. He led the Development of the company RIS and pioneered the use of Philippine and Indian Radiologists as pre-readers in a leveraged model with a unique Feedback loop which raised the level of expertise of these Radiologists to the Highest International Standards as a byproduct of a more efficient radiology workflow. Dr Schulze also spearheaded the establishment of international subsidiaries and Radiologist Reading back office facilities in India, Singapore, and The Philippines resulting in cost savings as well as improved quality.

Dr. Schulze is now working to fully realise the Vision of a scalable socially enabled Healthcare ecosystem based on informatics and learning theory.  His new venture named  Lifeline Medical Systems  includes an initial Radiology component focused on Asia as well as a pilot project in Pediatrics.

Bringing his experience as an entrepreneur, physician, inventor and visionary to what he and his team sees as a once in a lifetime opportunity to complete the first truly scalable Healthcare Ecosystem which will not only extend the reach of doctors but also improve the quality and scalability of doctors.  Dr Schulze and Lifeline Medical Systems will  deliver software and services where each person in the Medical Experience is engaged, participates and provides feedback into their Healthcare  experience intuitively through powerful, personalized and accessible tools facilitated, but not encumbered by technology – a Truly People oriented Healthcare Ecosystem  that is self-healing, self-assembling and self replicating.