Five Tracks

1. Quality, accreditation and safety
Quality Improvement Tools + Managing Patient Safety

Offers topics that will assist hospitals to improve the quality of healthcare in their facilities and services. Including topics on implementing patient safety policies and practices in hospitals

Experts will discuss about the tools to improve patient service and care in the hospital.  In addition, experts discuss systems and risk assessment, and sentinel event management in developing an effective patient safety program.

2. Patient care and engagement
Clinical Practice Improvement + Customer Service and Patient Engagement + Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Engagement

Offers topics about the application of methodologies in everyday clinical practice to achieve the best hospital practices and superior patient experience. And topics about time tested with new approaches and strategies in improving customer service and patient engagement in hospitals.

Listen to experts share studies and practices to improve clinical practices that in turn improve hospital efficiency and service. And how to design patient experience programs to improve customer service.

3. Leadership, Strategy and Management
Hospital Management and Administration + Managing Public or Private Hospitals

Offers topics concerning the organization, coordination, planning, staffing, evaluating and controlling of private and public hospital services. Listen to experts discuss how private and public hospitals can be managed effectively, economically, and successfully.

4. Talent management
Human Capital Management

Offers topics on strategies to drive and improve the management and essential skills hospital staff need to improve performance. Listen to experts discuss leadership and management to improve team performance in hospitals.

5. Innovation and Sustainability
Smart Hospital + Green Hospital to achieve reliability

Offers topics about building smart hospitals of the future, retooling, and upgrading existing facilities. And building environment friendly hospital infrastructures, services, and practices.

Listen to experts discuss the latest trends in designing IT infrastructures and programs that will easily adapt to what will come in the next 10, 15, and 20 years. And discuss the latest strategies on how your hospital can transform into a Green Hospital profitably.

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