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The Hospital Trends Expo is an integral part of the Congress. It is a comprehensive showcase of the latest developments, products, and technologies for hospitals. The industries’ leading suppliers will showcase the many ways hospital managers can improve quality, reduce costs, and increase their productivity.

From pharmaceutical and software firms, IT equipment and service vendors, medical device and equipment companies, and communication equipment and service suppliers, to business consultants, magazine publishers, business schools, research organizations, and a whole lot more… the Hospital Trends Expo Hall is the venue for HMA delegates to catch up on the latest technology, products, and services for hospitals.


Expo Profile

  • Hardware and software platforms
  • Hospital Management Apps & Software
  • Web-based healthcare solutions
  • e-Training, Online courses & tutorials
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Healthcare Management books,
    periodicals, and videos
  • e-Billing systems
  • e-Health cards
  • e-Physician orders
  • e-Diagnosis
  • Patient safety and quality improvement services
  • Healthcare financial and control systems
  • Accreditation consultancy services for hospitals
  • Digital technologies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Clinical innovations
  • Health Insurance
  • Publishing and information providers
  • e-Consulting
  • e-Reporting (of results)
  • e-(medical) Conferencing
  • e-Admissions and reservation systems
  • e-Legal references
  • e-Pharmacology
  • Economic and consumer research
  • Security and monitoring systems
  • Medical device¬†equipment
  • Travel and leisure
  • EMR (Electronic Medical Records)
  • Management and monitoring
  • Sales and marketing tools


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For more information on sponsorship, please contact:
Ms. Eleen Tan
Event Director
Email: Eleen@clarionevents.asia
Tel: +65 6590 3986