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Six benefits guaranteed or your Money Back!

Brand loyalty – Delegates as users of your products and solutions, become familiar and loyal to those they are exposed to in a terrific learning environment. We will attempt to get feedback on brand appreciation (of all major sponsors) via a questionnaire. An iPad is raffled to those who respond. Loyalty is established over a few years, but you WILL see some results. As a sponsor YOU are guaranteed 700+ participants. They will be approx 50% from Vietnam and 50% from 18+ overseas countries. If we miss this target of 700, we refund you proportionately. If we don’t do the survey, your money back 50%!

2. Visibility: Your name and logo will be listed in no less than 22 pre, during and post event collaterals, posters, handbook etc. Whatever we miss we refund proportionately.

3. Reinforce your image: Your brand image is reinforced if the delegates like the event. Look at our conference standards and see if these will reinforce your image? YOU are guaranteed a delegate satisfaction index of at least 95% met or exceeded expectations. We refund 2% for every 1% satisfaction we fail to meet.

4. Drive sales: Delegates as USERS of your products are the strongest influence on buyers. YOU are guaranteed an opportunity to hold a SPONSOR’S CLINIC where you can present your solutions. Attendance cannot be guaranteed – but we guarantee a listing in the handbook, main directory board, QR code, and announcements. Plus a “Bingo” contest assures that most delegates WILL visit your booth. If not 10% off for every activity we don’t fulfill.

5. Differentiate your brand from competitors: Be assured of probably the best international line up of speakers ever at a hospital management event in Asia. Over 45 are expected. You get industry exclusivity at the largest hospital management event in Asia. Be part of a fraternity of major hospital associations from Asia.  10% off for every speaker we fall short of.

6. Assurance that your sponsorship is in good hands: You get a manual that sets out what happens when, who to call, what you can expect, what is expected of you, list of all the items promised to you, as well as ideas to maximize you sponsorship. Then you get a post event report comparing what was promised and what was delivered. 10% off if we don’t deliver the manual and a further 10% off if we don’t submit a post event report.


Contact Ms. Rachel Fabon Email: rachelfabon@exedraevents.com
and tel. no: (632) 8468339 for details

*Not counting Expo ratings