Winners' List for Asian Hospital Management Awards 2019

CATEGORY: Clinical Service Project

Gold Award Winner: Apollo Hospitals (India) - Project Excel - The Quality for Excellence (Q4E) Program

Runners-up (Excellence Award):

  • Bumrungrad International Hospital (Thailand) - IAD prevention with CDA bundle
  • Fortis Hospital (India) - Guarding skin from Outside-In: MARSI prevention made easy
  • Lishui Municipal Central Hospital (China) - City-County-Village Integrated Care System for Patients with Acute Chest Pain
  • North District Hospital (Hong Kong) - A Simple and Cost Effective Program Results in Good Bowel Preparation
Patient Safety Project

CATEGORY: Community Involvement Project

Gold Award Winner: Teaching Hospital of Universitas Airlangga (Indonesia) – Hospital Ship Specialist for Remote Community: Empowering People's Health and Social Care

Runners-up (Excellence Award):

  • Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited (India) – Total Health
  • Dubai Health Authority & Mohammed Bin Rashid Almaktoom Humanitarian and Charity Establishment (UAE) – Nabadat
  • National Healthcare Group Polyclinics (Singapore) - From Clinic to Community - Starting a weight management conversation in the clinic and supporting lifestyle modification in the community
  • Yishun Health (Singapore) - Community & Home Eye Screening Service (CHESS)

CATEGORY: Cost Reduction Project

Gold Award Winner: National University Hospital (Singapore) – Cancer Survivorship Follow up Care in the Community

Runners-up (Excellence Award):

  • Apollo Hospitals International Limited. Gandhinagar (India) - Innovations in Energy Efficiency Leading to Reduction in Cost & Carbon Footprint of the Hospital
  • Aster Medcity Hospital (India) - Antimicrobial Stewardship - Preventing adverse events and saving Costs
  • Becamex International Hospital (Vietnam) - Time-Driven Activity Based Costing for more efficient staffing and cost savings in housekeeping services
  • Hemas Hospitals (Sri Lanka) - Hemas Journey of Achieving Excellence in Staff Productivity using Lean and Six Sigma Methodology

CATEGORY: Customer Service Project

Gold Award Winner: Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital (Singapore) – How to Improve Patient Experience by Improving the Admission Process

Runners-up (Excellence Award):

  • Apollo Hospitals Dhaka (Bangladesh) – Innovation in Discharge Delighters for improving experience
  • KK Women's and Children's Hospital (Singapore) – KKH Temasek Foundation Cares Caregiver Support Programme for Families with Chronically-Ill Children

CATEGORY: Facility Management and Financial Improvement Project

Gold Award Winner: Yishun Health (Singapore) – Admiralty Medical Centre- A Health-Promoting Medical Facility

Runners-up (Excellence Award):

  • Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata (India) – Creating a Sustainable Facility along with Associated Opportunities of Cost Saving: The GO GREEN INITIATIVES
  • Bumrungrad International Hospital (Thailand) - OPOSCR : One Person, One Safety Concerned Report Project
  • Henan Provincial People's Hospital (China) – Medical Equipment Safety Provided by Grid Management
  • National Healthcare Group Polyclinics (Singapore) – Re-Development Of Ang Mo Kio And Yishun Polyclinics To Increase Patient Capacity & Improve Patient Care Delivery

CATEGORY: Innovations in Healthcare Technology Project

Gold Award Winner: Hoan My Medical Corporation (Vietnam) - Incident Reporting and Learning System: A Technology and Culture change success

Runners-up (Excellence Award):

  • Cardinal Santos Medical Center (Philippines) - Project E.R.R.A.N.D (Electronic Real-time Rounds Activities for Nursing Division): Using Technology for Productivity and Better Patient Care
  • Medcare Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital Dubai (UAE) - Enhancing radiology utilization and efficiency through digitalized platform: Siemens Teamplay
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Hong Kong) - Driving Innovation from Strength to Strength – Multi-disciplinary Approach for 3D Printing Service in Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • Sengkang General Hospital (Singapore) - Managing Hospital Wide Mobile Assets Centrally with Real Time Location System (RTLS)

CATEGORY: Innovations in Hospital Management Project

Gold Award Winner: Bangkok Hospital Phuket (Thailand) - The UnDA Power Synergy : Comprehensive Daily Management System toward World-Class Excellence

Runners-up (Excellence Award):

  • Apollo Hospitals (India) – Project 365
  • The Eighth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen Medical University - Department quality improvement team——ranking incentive and supervision system

CATEGORY: Mobile and Online Services Project

Gold Award Winner: KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital (Malaysia) - Advanced Appointment and Live Queuing System

Runners-up (Excellence Award):

  • KK Women's and Children's Hospital (Singapore) - Online Medical Report Application
  • Ningbo Fourth Hospital (China) - Application of automatic Hospital Drug Control Information platform in Hospital Drug Management
  • Shenzhen Second People's Hospital (China) - AI Cares Rehabilitation
  • Suining Central Hospital (China) - Reducing Missed Appointments Through GPS Positioning Technology

CATEGORY: Nursing Excellence Project

Gold Award Winner: National University Health System (Singapore) - Improving health and anchoring care in the community through NUHS CareHub

Runners-up (Excellence Award):

  • KK Women's and Children's Hospital (Singapore) - Redesign Bedside Handover to Enhance Patient-centred Care and Safety
  • New Territories East Cluster Hospitals (Hong Kong) - Restraint Free Troops in New Territories East Cluster Hospitals
  • The University of Hong Kong - Shenzhen Hospital (China) - The establishment and application of the “intelligent nursing risk prevention and control system”
  • West China Hospital of Sichuan University (China) - The project of constructing a new model of nursing care and human resource management for continuous renal replacement therapy in general hospitals

Patient Safety Project

CATEGORY: Patient Safety Project

Gold Award Winner: Tan Tock Seng Hospital (Singapore) - Prevention of central line associated blood stream infection (CLABSI) in neurosurgical patients admitted to Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit at Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Runners-up (Excellence Award):

  • Apollo Hospitals (India) - CHECK FOR THE CRITICAL- The Apollo ICU Checklist
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals (India) - Every one goes home safe: creating a culture of safety
  • KK Women's and Children's Hospital (Singapore) - Building a Safe and Accountable Culture, Getting to Zero
  • Lianyungang Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital (China) - Reconstruction and Practice of Maternal Safety Management System in L City
  • Vinmec Healthcare System (Vietnam) - Medication Errors Management in Vinmec Times City International Hospital

CATEGORY: Talent Development Project

Gold Award Winner: Cardinal Santos Medical Center (Philippines) - PCAS Minimally Invasive Surgery Training Center

Runners-up (Excellence Award):

  • Apollo Hospitals, Chennai (India) - Project KEN-Revisiting physiological CTG ….the unseen spectrum of the PRISM!!!
  • Davao Doctors Hospital (Philippines) - Highly Innovative People on the gO
  • Makati Medical Center (Philippines) - MMC Nursing and Patient Care Services - Nursing Residency Probationary Program (NRPP)
  • National University Hospital (Singapore) - EQUIPping an Academic Medical Centre with a Sustainable Clinician QI Capability. Developed for the Clinicians. By the Clinicians.
  • University Malaya Medical Centre (Malaysia) - Bringing the Human Library Experience into the Healthcare Sphere to Improve the Staff’s Understanding and Empathy of Patients and Carers

CATEGORY: Hospital CEO of the Year Project

Gold Award Winner: Hanh Phuc International Hospital (Vietnam) – ‘Gemba Power Walk’- first ever executed in healthcare, impact on twelve dimensions of patient safety culture to turn Hanh Phuc International Hospital into excellence

Runners-up (Excellence Award):

  • Fortis Hospital (India) - 'I Pledge - To Do Right Everytime' Improving Patient Experience whereby Improving Patient Footfalls
  • Lishui Municipal Central Hospital (China) - Modern Hospital Lean Management System
  • Shenzhen Luohu Hospital Group (China) - Health-centered regional medical and health service system construction
  • Teaching Hospital of Universitas Airlangga (Indonesia) - Transformational Leadership using Organizational Culture Approach: Achieving Sustainable Growth of Hospital Performances
  • Tianjin Third Central Hospital (China) - 20,000 Hospital Managers Visited Tianjin Third Central Hospital to Draw on Its 20 Years of Condensed Experience in Implementing 4C Strategy

CATEGORY: Most Improved Local Hospital Project

Gold Award Winner: Vinmec Healthcare System - Vinmec Rising: An innovative approach to engagement of staff in innovation and quality improvement

Runners-up (Excellence Award):

  • FV Hospital - Go for Gold: Working Together Towards Patient Safety and Quality of Care
  • Gia An 115 Hospital - The comprehensive quality improvement project in Gia An 115 hospital using the tools of medical error reporting
  • Hanh Phuc International Hospital - Six Innovative Improvement Projects in Hanh Phuc International Hospital

CATEGORY: Lifetime Achievement Award

HMA is privileged to award the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award to the well-loved healthcare Leader in Vietnam, Prof Dr Le Ngoc Trong has devoted his years in improving the public healthcare in the country.