Conference Agenda

Time Day 1 Day 2
08:30 Plenary Session
10:45 Coffee Break

Breakout Session 1
Quality, Accreditation & Safety Talent Management Quality, Accreditation & Safety
Panel Discussion: Comparative study between a local vs. internationally accredited hospitals Hiring the right people for your hospital – medical staff, allied healthcare workers, admin and IT  Delivery Care Models
A. Is one better than the other in ensuring patient safety and quality healthcare delivery?  A. Collaborating with marketing to show off your best selling points  A. How delivery care models are evolving to improve safety and increase efficiency
B. Is there quality beyond accreditation?  B. How to build solid talent pipelines for your hospital  B. How Singapore is moving into a value-based healthcare system
C. How to sustain efforts after inspection is over 
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Breakout Session 2
Quality, Accreditation & Safety Talent Management Quality, Accreditation & Safety
A. How to manage safety and quality network for hospital chains 
Retention programs for nurses and staff
A. Staff-centricity: leveraging quarterly employee feedback results to create an engaged and empowered culture 
Chronic Problem Areas
A. How to maintain safety and quality in emergency rooms and ICUs
B. How to maintain standards when merged with another provider B. Understanding different needs and expectations for career development B. How to eradicate dosing and dispensing errors in pharmacies 
16:00 Coffee Break  
16:30 Breakout Session 3  
Quality, Accreditation & Safety Talent Management  
Data & Patient Safety Programs
A. How CUSP, TeamSTEPPS and patient safety programs work toward improving safety
Roundtable discussions: Choose a topic and join a small-group of 10 around a table. Each group will be led by a moderator.
A. Millenials then what? Preparing for the next generation of healthcare staff 
B. How to measure success and what to do with your safety culture assessment data  B. Shifting from transactional to a strategic HR 
C. Leveraging technology and data to predict and be prescriptive of maintaining human resource  
D. Refresher on how education and training or the lack thereof affects patient care and financial perspective to get more budget for HR & Training 
E. How to prepare the staff and how to respond to a crises i.e. outbreak, natural disasters 
F. How to prepare and adapt for innovation: the most recent technology employed by the hospitals and the challenges in getting the staff  buy-in 
G. How to address issues of multicultural diversification in management
H. How to monitor and ensure the hospital gets a staff’s full 8 working hours 
I. Challenges of an M&A and how to recover from it 
J. Leadership development: how to improve leadership skills of managers in having a passion for continuous excellence 
18:00 Welcome Party Gala Dinner
* Information is current as of 2 December 2019