Hospital Management Asia will be heading to Indonesia for the first time in 2020, and we are pleased to partner with PERSI (Indonesian Hospital Association) for the monumental 20th edition of our conference.

Population: 264 million
Provinces: 34
GDP per capita: 3,846.86 USD
GDP growth rate: 5.1% annual change

In terms of population size, Indonesia is the world's fourth-largest country with over 260 million Indonesians. Despite being a "young" population with over half the citizens below the age of 30, there is an estimated number of 17 million Indonesians above the age of 65 years by 2020 - which will increase the demand for healthcare services. It is estimated that there will be 184 million Indonesians between 15 to 64 years old.

Robust economic growth and rising per capita GDP of Indonesia give rise to increasing purchasing power and higher disposable income. This implies that the rising middle-class segment has more money to spend on healthcare. Indonesia's annual disposable income is expected to reach USD $750 billion by 2020 - an increase of 53 per cent from 2013. However, the challenge is to make Indonesians more aware of the benefit of spending on health. Historically, the growth in spending power in Indonesia does not automatically lead to the growth of health spending.

We will discuss such healthcare challenges during the Hospital Management Asia conference, and you are invited to be part of the conversations.

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