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Day 2 Agenda (AM)

Conference Day Two, Thursday, 12 September 2019 (AM)
Venue: National Convention Centre of Vietnam


07:00 - 09:00




09:00 - 09:05
MMH, Level 3

Flag exchange ceremony

  • Assoc. Prof. Luong Ngoc Khue, General Director of Administration of Medical Service, Ministry of Health Vietnam
  • Dr. Kuntjoro Adi Purjanto, President, Indonesian Hospital Association (PERSI)

  Moderator for the day: Dr. Dilshaad Ali Abas, Group CEO, Avivo Group (UAE)

09:05 - 09:25
MMH, Level 3

Plenary 5: Sustaining Patient Safety Improvement Programs in Developing Countries

Ms. Paula Kent, Patient Safety Specialist, Global Collaborations, Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality, Johns Hopkins Medicine (USA)

9:25 - 9:45
MMH, Level 3

Plenary 6: Humanising AI in Healthcare

Prof. Dr. Mathias Goyen, Chief Medical Officer, GE Healthcare (Europe)

9:45 - 10:05
MMH, Level 3

Plenary 7: Improving Healthcare Value
Innovation to improve quality, safety, service, care and outcomes

Dr. Karen Luxford, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) and ACHS International (Australia)

10:05 - 10:45
MMH, Level 3

Plenary 8: How cost cutting in health systems impacts hospital services without compromising the quality care

  • Dr Kamonsak Reungjarearnrung, Chief Operating Officer, Southern Group (Group 6), Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (Thailand)
  • Dr. Daniel Wibowo, Director, Christian Hospital Panti Wilasa (Semarang/Central Jawa) / Head, NHI Compartment, PERSI (Indonesian Hospital Association)
  • Dr. Abdullah Hussein Esmail Al-Daeri, Chief Executive Officer, Saudi German Hospital – Sana’a (Yemen)

10:45 - 11:30

Networking coffee break @ Exhibition Hall, Level 3

  Awards Best Practise Presentation

11:00 - 11:15
Exhibition Hall
Level 3

Innovations in Hospital Management Project

The UnDA Power Synergy : Comprehensive Daily Management System toward World-Class Excellence

The UnDA Power Synergy is innovation in hospital management perspectives as to actual implementation of Daily Management System Concept. As part of strategic plan to improve the Hospital’s Internal Process, it aims to change culture and leadership mindset hospital-wide, while reinforcing Enterprise Risk Management progressively. This leads to enhanced performance of hospital management in long term.


Dr Lalita Kongseeha, Deputy Hospital Director, Bangkok Hospital Phuket (Thailand)

Breakout Sessions D (11:30 – 13:00)

  Quality, accreditation & safety

11:30 - 13:00
QAS room (P347)
Level 3

D1. How to design a hospital that maximises the patient’s safety and improves outcomes

  • Evidence Based Hospital Design to Maximise Patient Safety and Improve Outcomes
  • Ensuring safety in hospital design: Fire Safety, Critical ventilation, Facility risks, etc.
  • Modernisation of hospitals to make  patients feel at home
  • Dr. Yash Paul Bhatia, Managing Director, Astron Hospital & Healthcare Consultants & Astron Institute of Social Sciences, India
  • Dr. Thomas Kozlowski, Principal Consultant, Joint Commission International (USA)
  • Mr. Seang Teak Tan, Group Chief Operating Officer, Hoan My Medical Corporation (Vietnam)

Moderator: Prof. Soetjipto, MD, Supervisory Board, UNAIR Hospital / Vice Chancellor, Airlangga University (Indonesia)

  Healthcare 4.0

11:30 - 13:00
H4.0 room (P309)
Level 3

D2. How to use technological innovation in addressing the needs of the ageing population

  • Continuum of care – patient experience for after hospital care
  • Uberization of healthcare via telemedicine
  • Home monitoring devices / Home nursing services

Moderator: Mr. Bhavdeep Singh, Chief Executive Officer (former), Fortis Healthcare (India)

  Talent Management

11:30 - 13:00
TM room (P339)
Level 3

D3. How to recruit, retain and develop the best to improve hospital services

  • How to handle staff shortage – e.g. linking with universities; opening assistant roles to clinical staff
  • How rural hospitals can attract and retain talent and professionals
  • “Nurse educators' vital role in the future of nursing in Asia – a Japanese perspective
  • Dr. Ferdinand Francis Maria Cid, CEO & President, Central Luzon Doctor’s Hospital (Philippines)
  • Prof. Dr. Nasronudin, Dr., SpPD., KPTI., FINASIM, President, Indonesian State University Hospital Association / Director, Universitas Airlangga Hospital (Indonesia)
  • Ms. Hiroe Koyanagi, Chief Nurse, Nursing Department, The Tokyo University Hospital (Japan)

Moderator: Dr. Sunil K Khetarpal, COO & MS, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre (India)

  Patient Experience

11:30 - 13:00
PE room (P313)
Level 3

D4. How to build patient trust and provide the best service & care

  • Patients at the heart of healthcare: A customer champion program
  • How to promote healthcare in remote areas and build the community's trust
  • Experience in Indonesia: How Hospital Accreditation Policy can support MOH National Program in ensuring best service & care
  • Mr. Richard Lirio, Chief Operating Officer, Tagaytay Medical Center (Philippines)
  • Mr. Tep Navy, Chief Operating Officer, Angkor Hospital for Children (Cambodia)
  • Dr. Wasista Budiwaluyo, Vice Chairman, International Relation Compartment, PERSI (Indonesian Hospital Association)

Moderator: Dr. Shanthi Bansal, Director Medical Services, Apollo Hospitals Dhaka (Bangladesh)

  CEO Stream

11:30 - 13:00
CEO room (P343)
Level 3

D5. International Hospital Federation Senior Management Symposium

Mentoring for Enhancing top executives capacities

This session will provide participants an opportunity to learn lessons from healthcare executive mentoring programs that are in place in various parts of the world.  The experience from Australia will give an in depth insight of a mature program. The session will allow participants to see value of mentoring programs and to participate in a discussion on the benefit of setting an international mentoring program in support of top executives either after having changed their position or facing a particular challenge in their hospital.

Session will be facilitated by E de Roodenbeke, CEO of IHF

  1. What makes mentorship an effective program: Lessons from the existing mentorship programs and key benefits for such an approach. Presented by Eric de Roodenbeke, CEO of IHF
  2. Experience from Asia- Pacific: testimony on mentorship program and its benefits for both mentors and mentees presented by Donelle Rivet from Australasian College of Health Service Management
  3. THE IHF CEO circle International mentorship project: Objectives and expected outcomes from an international mentorship program. Presented by Eric de Roodenbeke, CEO of IHF
  4. Discussion with participants on the following questions:
    • Experience sharing from participants on mentorship
    • Is mentorship at reach for any executive?
    • What does it take for starting an international mentorship program?

Dr. Eric de Roodenbeke, Chief Executive Officer, International Hospital Federation (Switzerland)

Ms Donelle Rivett, Senior Manager, Paxon Group / Fellow, Australasian College of Health Service Management (Australia)