How to Enter

Deadline for awards submission:
By 30 September 2020 11:59pm (GMT +8:00): Final deadline


Entering the Asian Hospital Management Awards showcases to your team, your hospital and your wider industry that you are putting patients first, to improve their quality of care and experience. This recognition lights a fire of enthusiasm at all levels of hospital staff perpetuating quality improvement as a matter of course at your hospital, attracting patients and talented staff alike.

Need a few pointers before starting your award submission? Here is our step-by-step guide to entering:

1. Review the categories to see which ones your hospital program qualify you for
2. Review sample entries and start a draft version of your answers.
3. Collect the evidence - to successfully prove the impact of your project to the judges, you'll need evidence. That could be in the form of percentage improvements, testimonials, reports, praise from stakeholders etc. Make sure that you also submit the CEO Certification to authenticate your submission.
4. Register for the HMA conference - if you register for the HMA conference before entering you will be entitled to a free award submission. This must be submitted in your name. If you are not registered for the HMA conference, there will be a $100 charge for each award submission. This will be required during the submission process (see point 5). This will be non-refundable if you later register for the HMA event.
5. Submit your entry via our online system - this year the AHMA submission process has gone digital so you will be taken to an external site to enter your program details. Follow the steps to select the category you are entering, your personal details, polished answers to the questions you were preparing and finally, any supporting material. When you are ready, hit submit. If you encounter any problems - review our 'Step-by-step guide' with helpful screenshots and guidance.
6. Tell your colleagues - There may be other categories that other teams in your hospital may be interested in. Don't let them miss the opportunity for industry-wide recognition!
7. Sit back and wait - your submissions will speed off to the judges, so you can sit back and relax until the judging has been completed.