Kaushik Banerjea

Executive Director Medical Services, Portland District Health


Portland District Health (PDH) (Dec 2017 - till date): This is the westernmost regional hospital in Victoria with acute and residential beds. This hospital has staff specialist in General medicine, Cardiology, Surgery, Ophthalmology, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Anesthesiology with many other specialists employed as Visiting Medical Officers. The specialists are supported by a team of junior medical staff, who also are primary service providers in the Urgent Care Centre (UCC). The UCC is manned 24 hours by doctors on the floor.
My appointment at PDH is as Executive Director of Medical Services. My responsibilities include clinical governance, Credentialing and Scope of Practice for all doctors. I am also responsible for Risk and Adverse event review, Open Disclosure, Root Cause Analyses (RCA), external reviews and implementation of recommendations. As the EDMS, I am also tasked to review all coroners’ cases, legal claims and Freedom of Information requests. I sit on multiple Board and executive level meetings and am the chair for a number of them including Safer Care, Mortality & Transfer meeting, Credentialing meeting, Maternity meeting etc.
I am also one of the founder members in the newly developing regional Health Accord (hA+), Regional Credentialing and Scope of Practice Committee. My role here also includes developing a medical workforce model both for UCC and inpatients. In addition, I am also tasked to conduct all VMO contract negotiations (new contracts and renewals). I have also been made responsible for further recruitments to bolster the specialist model at PDH.
I have created and implemented the first of its kind Longitudinally-Integrated-Medical-Internship program at PDH with the first cohort starting Feb 2021. I am also the founder member of the body pursuing the introduction and delivery of the Rural Generalist program at PDH.
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