Ajai Kumar

Chairman & CEO, HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd


in 1989. This was instituted largely to meet the needs of patients in Mysore and its surrounding areas. Around the same time, Dr. Ajaikumar, along with a group of oncologists, started the Bangalore Institute of Oncology (BIO). As the center grew, it helped Dr. Ajaikumar understand the nuances of cancer care in India. The requirement was apparent - there was a great unmet demand. The need of the hour was accessibility, affordability, and high quality of cancer care. With this in mind, he moved back to India with his family in 2003 with a vision of expanding the services offered in Bangalore.

Dr. Ajaikumar believed in bringing the hub-and-spoke model to create multiple centers across India that would make cancer care affordable, at the same time, delivering high-quality care by introducing linear accelerators even in Tier2/Tier3 cities. Also, the cornerstone of his vision was the belief that cancer can be treated only one way: the right way, the first time. A vision that has helped scores of patients during the past years. HCG was instrumental in introducing high-end technologies like CyberKnife™ and TrueBeam™. It also brought in advanced bone marrow transplant therapies as well as molecular imaging.

Dr. Ajaikumar believed strongly in end-to-end delivery of cancer care and knew that molecular diagnostics was an essential part of cancer therapies. With this in mind, Dr. Ajaikumar acquired Triesta, a molecular diagnostic lab to help aid his vision. Today, HCG is at the forefront of molecular diagnostics and incorporating genomics to facilitate precision medicine. Another area of interest for Dr. Ajaikumar has been fertility in India. He partnered with Dr. Kamini Rao, under the brand name Milann, and has also established multiple centers across India.
HCG is rapidly expanding, and today has 26 comprehensive cancer care centers. With this success, Dr. Ajaikumar is deeply energized and hopeful to spread this model globally. He eagerly seeks to help patients achieve longer and better lives by providing them the best accessible cancer care treatment. He continues to pursue his passion for increasing and strengthening the network of comprehensive cancer centers across the world, including Africa and Vietnam. Fulfilling his vision as a doctorpreneur, his focus has always been on good patient outcomes, patient safety, and providing better access to quality treatment that is affordable.

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