M Zakirul Karim

Senior Adviser & Quality Management Director, Hanh Phuc International Hospital


Dr. M Zakirul KARIM is the eminent healthcare quality expert and particularly strong in the areas of upholding quality into futurist technology intervention. By promoting safety and governance culture, Dr. Zakirul encourages to use of ‘Strategic Dialogue’ to promote critical-thinking in the hospital.

Dr Zakirul is now working with Hanh Phuc International Hospital in Vietnam, and instruments breakthrough cost effective cutting edge programs to improve the safety culture. Under his leadership, the hospital won AHMA Gold in 2018 on ‘Medical Gas Safety Management’ project and published in International Journal of Science and Research, IJSR [https://www.ijsr.net/archive/v7i11/ART20193074.pdf]. The project compliance rate is 100% and ‘Zero’ harm incident reports till today.

Dr. Zakirul has written  ninety eight [98] articles in LinkedIn mostly focusing on future of technology revolution in hospital, smart hospital concept, futurist quality improvement projects and how technology bridge between patient and hospital for preparing better future. Moreover, he wrote seventy six [76] posts on LinkedIn on healthcare professional and personal development issues and how to prepare healthcare workforce for future. He is credited first author and published eight [8] articles in international journals [https://www.linkedin.com/in/drmzkarim] and, founding managing director of HospitalsGuru, a virtual web based [www.hospitalsguru.com] center to prepare today’s hospitals leader for tomorrow.

The Japanese word ‘Gemba’ means “the real place.” Toyota engineer Taichi Ohno, is often credited with developing the concept of the “Gemba Walk”. It is often misunderstood as “managing by walking around,” ‘workplace inspections’ ‘walk in my shoes’ or ‘audits’. It’s not about walking around. It’s about walking with a cause! Hanh Phuc International Hospital first of its kind in healthcare industry uses this Gemba tool and transformed it into an empathy ‘Gemba Power Walk’ by testing impact of 12 dimensions of safety culture. The ‘Gemba Power walk’ is one of strong online tool with a four key elements: (1) Observe, (2) Engage, (3) Improve and (4) No Punitive. Let’s go for ‘Gemba Power Walk’ and see how you can change your hospital safety culture by sharing experience in Hospital Management Asia conference of 2019 at Hanoi.
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