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Moderator: Mr Balamurugan N R

Moderator: Mr Balamurugan N R

Moderator: Mr Balamurugan N R


Head of Business – Care Area Solutions – Cardiology/Oncology, GE Healthcare

A healthcare professional with +27years of experience in this sector,
with a passion for strengthening the Healthcare ecosystem

N R Balamurugan (Bala) is a passionate healthcare professional with +27 years of experience in the healthcare sector with a strong focus on addressing unmet customer and patient needs by strengthening the overall healthcare ecosystem. To this end, he has continuously partnered with governments, clinicians and investors to raise the overall standard of care.

Bala currently leads the Care Area Business for Emerging Markets of ASEAN, South Asia and Africa. In this role, he has overall responsibility for driving accessible and affordable Cancer Care delivery models in the regions, which drive better clinical outcomes through ‘Precision Health’.

To this end, he is responsible for identifying disruptive business models, signing strategic partnerships and building new concepts in digital health and diagnostic technologies. Bala was also responsible for creating the “Global GEHC Oncology partnership COE”, an entrepreneurial venture in GE Healthcare. Through this venture, GE Healthcare was able to closely work with several investment groups like Thyrocare (FDG – PET/CT Network), TPG Growth, Max, TE Asia, Tata Trusts and KU – Nairobi to build disruptive business models across markets.

Prior to his current role, Bala led GE Healthcare’s Molecular Imaging business, and was instrumental in growing this care area by helping create +150 Nuclear Medicine centers, 75 PET/CT’s and 8 Radio pharmacy (Cyclotron) network across South Asia. He started his career as a Nuclear Physicist, having joined GE Healthcare in 1999.