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Moderator: Mr Bhavdeep Singh

Moderator: Mr Bhavdeep Singh

Moderator: Mr Bhavdeep Singh


Chief Executive Officer (former), Fortis Healthcare (India)

Mr Bhavdeep Singh is the CEO of Fortis Healthcare, this being his second stint as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization.  At Fortis, Mr. Singh is driving a strong push towards bringing great patient care to every patient in every hospital, every single day.  In addition to driving patient care, the clinical team at Fortis is driving a strong push towards clinical excellence on multiple fronts.  At a time when the disease burden continues to grow in India, Mr Singh and the Fortis Healthcare team are taking the lead in helping India becoming a healthier nation.


Mr Singh is an acknowledged business leader and a seasoned professional, with over 25 years of experience. He has held senior executive roles in Healthcare, Human Resources and Retail.  He has worked across multiple geographies and has a strong track record of building and leading great teams whilst delivering exceptional results.


Prior to joining Fortis, Mr Bhavdeep Singh was with Ahold, a 26 USD billion retailer with almost 800 stores. He was with the company for almost five years and served on the company’s executive board. While there, he was EVP of HR and then went on to head Ahold’s US operations and the new formats business.  In addition, prior to his initial stint at Fortis, Mr. Singh ran Reliance Retail in India and was at the helm when Reliance opened up more than 700 new stores in less than two years.


Mr Singh attended Pace University and completed several certified courses in Leadership and Executive Management from premier institutions such as the Harvard Business School, Cornell University, University of Hartford, Dial Institute of Management and St. Joe’s University in the United States.