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Moderator: Dr Shanthi Bansal

Moderator: Dr Shanthi Bansal

Moderator: Dr Shanthi Bansal


Director Medical Services, Apollo Hospitals Dhaka (Bangladesh)

A highly motivated and entrepreneurial healthcare leader with clinical body of work in anesthesiology, cardiac sciences, oncology and critical care. She has led many Greenfield and Brownfield hospitals to financial health. Her focus has been team building and process driven organization. With a proven capability of leading, motivating, and developing a staff of diverse backgrounds and expertise across multiple operations in the hospitals, she is a leader who demonstrates value creation-based healthcare delivery. The foundation of data in healthcare and its importance in today’s digitally driven healthcare industry and health outcomes are the basis of her leadership skills.

Dr Shanthi Bansal is Director, Medical Services, Apollo Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh. In her present role she supervises implementation of clinical quality and governance with clinical audits and performance review. She is instrumental in bringing safety culture to the organization and encouraging fearless incident reporting and escalation matrix awareness. She is member of the team developing strategic and annual operating plans. She is accountable for capital expenditure plan for medical equipment and initiatives for newer medical services with logistics planning.

She is a trained Anesthesiologist with 12 years of clinical experience including cardiac anesthesia, critical care and emergency medicine. She has an MBA in Healthcare Management and pursuing MS degree in Management of Health Informatics and Analytics from George Washington University, USA. She has 13 years of healthcare administrative experience with global and multicultural exposure.

She has helped set up and commission Cardiac Surgery Units at 3 renowned NABH accredited Hospitals in Delhi, India and has led a standalone NABH Accredited Cardiac super-specialty hospital in Kolkata, India.

She has helped to develop quality and safety framework in various hospitals. She is an author and faculty at many national and international conferences and has represented on various platforms in government and non-government committees for healthcare reforms and quality healthcare delivery.

She is a strong, independent woman who believes in taking charge of her work life. Her understanding of day to day complexities in healthcare leadership and handling it with firmness and compassion amalgamated with knowledge of strategizing to overcome the challenges of healthcare industry define her as a healthcare leader par excellence.

She is passionate about quality in healthcare and clinical excellence with a human touch.