From the HMA Community

Our attendees are the biggest part of continuing the improvement of healthcare in the region. Take a look below at their feedback about the conference:

“HMA is well organized and yearly, they adapt and adjust the topics according to conditions as well as trends in the health management field. It has helped me academically and to better know my colleagues who are also working regionally. For those who are working in C Level Management or those who are walking their way towards C Level Management, I strongly recommend to attend this event. ”
– Dr. Aung Pyae Kyaw – Executive Director at Asia Royal Hospital (Myanmar)

“HMA is an excellent learning environment for all hospital leaders from the mid-level to the senior management positions, not only in private but also in public hospitals. In addition, HMA is a place where investors and hospital executives meet, discuss and seek cooperation opportunities to build the most effective and best quality hospitals for patients.”
– Truong Vinh Long MD., PhD – Healthcare Managing Director of Hoa Lam Corporation Cum Deputy General Director of Gia An 115 Hospital (Vietnam)

"Attending HMA for the first time, I have been able to gain an insight to a lot of educational sessions and a significant opportunity to engage in a business network. HMA is the best platform to offer an educational professional knowledge and improve your business development."
 Dr. Laila Al Jassmi, CEO and Founder, Health Beyond Borders (UAE)

“Hospital Management Asia provides various topics pertaining to healthcare management which we can select according to our interests and needs. Asian Hospital Management Awards stimulates hospitals to develop new initiatives which might lead to a higher level of best practices.”
– Made Indra Wijaya, M.D., M.H.A., Hospital Director, BIMC Hospital (Indonesia)

“I found HMA an international platform for the Healthcare administrators/leaders to exchange their views, experience and best practices among the participants. HMA covers all aspects of hospital operation. I expect from manager to senior executive level people should attend this conference. Wish you all the best HMA.”
– Dr. Arif Mahmud, Senior General Manager, Apollo Hospitals Dhaka (Bangladesh)

"HMA is a great event, packed with so much knowledge, wisdom and ideas and great speakers with diverse expertise. Apart from networking opportunities, the event offers opportunities for all the stakeholders to learn, partner and share best practices in the healthcare industry across Asia and other parts of the world. The intention and focus of health care professionals to improve outcomes and lower costs, all whilst keeping the patient at the centre of overall focus is quite encouraging."
– Dr. Sunil K Khetarpal, COO & MS, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre (India)

“HMA provides me a reliable forum where every year, I can access world-class ideas and thoughts about the ultimate in hospital management. Even though the scope is Asia and private hospitals, I have found multiple parallels which are useful even in Australia and in the public sector. The networking opportunities are phenomenal.”
– Dr. Kaushik Banerjea, Director Medical Services, Portland District Health (Australia)

“Hospital managers need to constantly keep up to date with the latest knowledge and science in management, process improvement and medicine. Hospital Management Asia is an important platform for everyone to meet, share and learn.”
– Mr. Phua Tien Beng, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Operations Division, Parkway Pantai Ltd (Singapore)

“HMA is a forum that gives us time to meet with other healthcare practitioners and healthcare leaders within SEA and Asia, to share our thoughts and also see healthcare trends within these organisations.”
– Budi Legowo, Chief Financial Officer, Siloam Hospitals Group (Indonesia)

“I enjoyed attending HMA very much and thought that it was a very good collection of senior healthcare leaders from around the world. The forum allowed for some very good interaction and potentially building a foundation for better understanding of our industry.”
– Mr. Bhavdeep Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Fortis Healthcare Ltd (India)

“HMA, an event for hospital management in Asia to learn and participate in updating global advances and networking, towards improved patient care with better clinical and hospital governance."
– Dr Widyastuti Wibisono, MSC - Head of International Relation Institute, Indonesia Hospital Association, PERSI (Indonesia)

“Having been in the industry for over 15 years, Hospital Management Asia is one of the foremost authorities on issues facing hospitals, with regional perspectives and insights. I have attended several HMA conferences and I have always garnered interesting learning points and made new friends.”
– Dr Timothy Low, Chief Executive Officer, Farrer Park Hospital (Singapore)

“HMA is very interesting. It’s got the academic, the practitioner and most of all it’s fun to be so I encourage all C levels to join HMA in the future and for many more years to come.”
– Mr Seang Teak Tan, Group Chief Operating Officer, Hoan My Medical Corporation (Vietnam)

“HMA is an ideal platform for healthcare professionals and thought leaders to learn and collaborate with experts who are not just from Asia but from across the globe. There is a lot of opportunity for interaction so as to enhance the learning experience. The HMA Awards make for the perfect finale.”
– Prof. Anupam Sibal, Group Medical Director, Apollo Hospitals Group (India)

“I had a wonderful experience at HMA where I get to network with my peers from different hospitals and learn of new solutions and technologies. I look forward to coming back again next year.”
– Huynh Bich Lien, CFO, Far East Medical Vietnam Ltd (Vietnam)

“HMA is a melting pot where hospital administrators can share and gain new trends in the health care system.”
– Hartono Tanto Tan, CEO, PT Affinity Health (Indonesia)

“The conference provides delegates with a good opportunity to exchange their challenges and modern management skills…”
– Dr. Iwasaki Yasunobu, President, Anshin Hospital (Japan)

“An important exposure to the experts of hospital management worldwide.”
– Dr Mohamed Ahmed Hamdy, Egypt Projects & Business Development Director, Andulasia Group for Medical Services (Egypt)

“HMA is a very positive experience for us in Philips. We are happy to participate and we are also happy to contribute to the discussion and to actually start working on better health, better care at a lower cost.”
– Johan Vooren, General Manager Health Systems, Philips South East Asia

“It was a wonderful meeting. I hope to be invited again next year. It has been a delight to work with the HMA team.”
– Peter Edelstein, MD., Chief Medical Officer, Elsevier Clinical Solutions

“I was incredibly impressed with the level of interest and engagement demonstrated by the conference attendees. It made my work as a speaker feel valued! The conference organisers were extremely helpful with every aspect of the conference organisation. I would be delighted to be involved with this conference again!”
– Paula Kent, Johns Hopkins Medicine International

“Thanks indeed for your impressive organisation. Synovate was indeed everywhere and everyone was in no doubt about our leading role in media research. We have many genuine sales leads to follow up across the region.”
– Steve Garton, Executive Director, Media, Synovate Ltd. (Hong Kong)

“Flawless execution. Thorough attention to every detail, clear communication and thoughtful organisation, you did a superb job. All the participants were able get the most out of the convention and have fun at the same time.”
– Erik Hartmann, Google